Hi Maria and Italo,

Thanks again for giving us such an amazing and outstanding horseback riding experience! We had a great time in a beautiful enviroment!

Since I worked in Germany as a horseback riding teacher myself, I know that a lot of people don't think about how much hard work you put in for them.....Adam and I really appreciated that. And I'm so happy that places like yours still exist, where the owners really care about their horses and about giving clients a "lesson" and not just throwing somebody on a horse and wish them good luck!

I sent you as well a few pictures.....thanks Italo, for taking as many pictures as possible.....btw you're like a horse whisperer ;-)!

If I want to get on a horse again, hopefully I'll find time and don't need to wait a year again, I'll come back for sure!!!!

All the best for your business in the future,