Hello again Italo & Maria!

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how our experience was at Mustang Stables. Going into the experience, we didn't really know what to expect, but whatever our expectations were, they were exceeded upon arrival. The beauty and serenity of your property at Mustang Stables was a refreshing experience. We only live 15 minutes away in Mission, but we felt like we were transposed into a western setting far removed from our home.

Italo, you are definitely an interesting cowboy! Your passion for the horses, and the people who come to Mustang Stables is amazing. I was very impressed with your introduction to riding and your thoughtfulness towards our inexperience, while allowing us to keep our dignity. My concerns of safety over my 7 year-old girl and my wife were dispelled quickly as you presented yourself to us, and your years of knowledge and experience with horses and people shined through. Thank-you for your expertise!

We had a great time at your ranch! The ride was excellent and we were very comfortable on top of the horses. We surely live in some beautiful country. What a small world it is knowing your younger brother Sam, from earlier days!

We will definitely be back, and hopefully we can arrange some riding lessons for our daughter Samantha. Thanks again Italo and Maria for giving us a wonderful and memorable day! We will be telling everyone about you guys at Mustang Riding Stables!
Rod, Jennifer, & Samantha